Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rob Eisler

With an office in Montgomery, the heart of Montgomery County and a home and family in The Woodlands, Mr. Eisler is best known for his initiatives to change the educational standards and framework in Texas to a higher quality system. He has concluded that the system adopted for programming the system to pass standard tests has not produced the quality he believes is possible and desirable in our system. In fact, the current system has been detrimental to educating our children. He instead seeks an education for our children that goes back to the basics and prepares a child to enter the university system.

Two tiers of education are on his agenda - (1) university readiness and (2) work place readiness. The goal is to provide a ready graduate asset to business enterprise and develop stronger competitiveness for the children when compared to private schools, other states and international standards. School accountability is a means to help achieve his goals. He has sponsored several bills along this line and led a committee to achieve his goals. Rob Eisler, named as one of the top ten legislators in Texas in 2009, is seeking again to occupy his district 15 seat so that he can continue his campaign for our children, along with other programs to produce a better governed Texas. He has worked fervently to achieve his goals. One observer who went to Austin noted that Mr Eisler was supercharged to get things done even when the legislature was ending this past year. He was using every minute of time available to get things done, even at night.

Rob Eisler is also noted for his efforts to help The Woodlands through the conversion from an association directed government to a more formal tax-based township governing structure. This has given residents independence from the city of Houston and enabled total uninterrupted community services to residents. His efforts in the last two legislative sessions have been broad, not just focused on these two focal points of law.

Last year, he had an issue with the ethics committee of Texas. That incident and fine was regrettable. However, if you've seen the complications in reporting your financials to the government, it is easy to see that some things get out of balance in the fray of the workload. In my estimation, he could have done better with that issue, but he chose to stick to the legislative agenda rather than contest the issue at the time. He paid his fine and I am reasonably sure he has changed his methods of accounting. One has to be reasonably tolerant of such things for people so busy. Although fined, I am treating that incident as not a deliberate ethics issue and not very important in the larger picture. I do however believe in being straight forward and telling the public what happened and why. This is my own personal position on that matter.

More details can be found on this Woodlands resident on his legislative web page.
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His broad interests include his religious affiliation with the United Methodist Church, radio announcer for football games (TWHS), childrens sports, served on the board of CISD, and other activities.

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