Friday, October 26, 2007

Peggy Hausman Response

First I would like to thank-you for your efforts in trying to get out candidate information to The Woodlands residents. As you are very aware, information sharing in The Woodlands is lacking. I appreciate the fact that you need information about all the candidates, their opinions, history, affiliations and future desires for our hometown. I am pleased to present my credentials to all outlets in hopes that the residents will get all the facts they need to make informed decisions. I am sending this to you, at your request, because I trust that there will be no editing or culling of my information.

  • Experience which qualifies you to lead the board in governing the village

    I have lived in The Woodlands since 1981 and have been involved in our community since my husband, Mitch and I arrived, raised two fine young boys, and became friends with some of the finest people and neighbors to be found anywhere. From when I first served on the Residential and Design committee for Panther Creek in the 80’s and 90’s, to my ongoing dedication to our Panther Creek Village Association, being appointed to the board of MUD #40, Sally K. Ride PTA President, The Woodlands High School board, working with the Montgomery County Food Bank and finally running for a seat on The Woodlands Community Association Board (WCA) and later being appointed by the WCA to where I still serve in representing our residents on The Town Center Improvement District (TCID) Board.

    In 1995, I was elected to the Community Association Board and in 1996 was elected by the board as their President. Being the first female President of the WCA, combined with my chosen career path as a stay-at-home Mom to raise our two sons, made me even more aware of developing changes in our community. I soon realized that we were entering a turbulent time in our community’s history. During my tenure the Mutual Benefit Agreement was breached, when George Mitchell sold 50% of his interest in The Woodlands to investors outside of his family. That triggered the residents’ right to renegotiate some of the terms of this historical agreement.

    I set out with the assistance of a great board and especially board member Scott Frezza to renegotiate three very key portions of the Mutual Benefit Agreement. The WCA board wanted to gain tighter standards in the Development Standards Criteria, remove developer majority control of the Woodlands Community Service Corporation and The Woodlands Fire Department. (After all it was resident money financing these entities; I personally could not understand why we did not have control.) Nine months later we signed the agreement and the WFD/WCSC boards became resident controlled and the Standards were tighter. I am honored to have been chosen as the first Residential President of the WCSC. Shortly after the signing we were on the search for a new General Manager and hired Mr. Steve Burkett. He was instrumental in bring order to the WCSC. The next Challenge on our plate was that the board did not want to continue to pay rent any longer, so over a three year period we negotiated the purchase of the building where the Woodlands Community Association (CATW) is currently housed. The WCA is the sole owner of the building which in turns leases space to our sister associations. During my term as President I spoke many times in Austin during the Kingwood hearings on unfair Annexation Legislations. I believed then, and I believe now, The State of Texas needed to give back citizenship rights to all residents so that they may truly become “The Masters of their own Destiny.” Laws needed to change. The gun was loaded and Houston had all the bullets. The first Governance committee was formed and met monthly out at Montgomery College, “The Regional Resource Counsel on Governance.” Only a handful of today’s “governance” players, sat on that committee. So to understand today, you must go back to the fights of the past and understand how and why governance was originally set up. History is a wonderful tool to help clarify the future.

    So I guess I would have to say my experience is that I have been in this fight from the beginning. I am truly the resident who has knowledge and understanding of all the parties involved at all levels. I have served on the Woodlands Community Association, The Woodlands Community Service Corporation, The Woodlands Fire Department, MUD #40, and The Town Center Improvement District boards. This is our community! We, the residents, need to have the final say in, the outcome of these issues. The choices must come from the people and be in the best interests of the people. We understand that the developer has a stake and has an agenda, but so do the residents. Each must work for the best interest of the community and compromise, where necessary, for the sake of the next generation.

  • What do you expect to gain personally from assuming this new role?

    I have been married 29 years to Mitch Hausman, who is employed by Southwest Wire Rope, Inc. with his office, located in Galena Park, Texas. He does not have direct dealings with the developer in any phase of his work. I have chosen to be a full-time at home mom and wife for the past 22 years. A job I still love. So with all that said what will I gain by serving on a newly reformatted TCID Board? I truly have a love of this community and a selfish desire to leave my hometown as a place that my sons will be proud to come home to and raise the next generation. I would hope that they would not have to fight the battles of who and what are we going to be in 10 years. I believe we need a central government chosen by the people, elected by the people and for the people. I want everyone, on any side of these issues, to live up full to the credo of The Woodlands, “A place families can live, work and play.” Our residents need one-stop shopping for services so that we can do away with the confusion of the ABC’s. We need to reach an understanding that smart development is in the best interests of both the residents, commercial businesses and developer. We need everyone to understand that even though you can legally build a four story building next to a residential neighborhood-you shouldn’t! Residents need to receive the same rights as the developer and the developer the same rights as the residents. I want to be a member of a board that can agree to disagree with varied interests and reach solutions through compromise, not power plays.

  • What do you expect to give to the community?

    I hope to bring my years of experience, knowledge and understanding of the voluminous number of agreements and the negotiations that led up to them. I want to connect the needs of the commercial and residential philosophies so this community can work in true harmony. On behalf of the residents, I want to finally obtain a sense of accountability for the entities that will be responsible.

  • Any issues you believe you should divulge to the public that may impair or help the community to make sound decision, given the time frame of your projected tenure position.

    Whether you are for or against Proposition number one and two, you must understand what they will and won’t solve. You will still not have control over building standards on new construction, road repairs, animal control; you will not be able to employ your own police department, and be given ordinance making authority. This will not change our school district and the MUD districts will not be folded into the mix. If one and two do not pass, we still have the problem of annexation looming over The Woodlands from Houston and Conroe. We still have time with Houston, but Conroe could come in at anytime. The Memorandum of Understanding that was just signed is a non-binding agreement that can still change. The likelihood of that happening in my opinion is small. The new township board will only have half of it board members elected by The Woodlands, populous the first two years. This is true. It is in my opinion that those currently seated on the interim TCID board, would act in the best interests of the residents. I know that this is not a popular statement, but in the 7 years that I have served on the board, I have seen them agree on many votes that would favor the best interests of the residents. Am I concerned? Yes and you should be as well. The devil is always in the details. As far as Proposition number 3, ad valorem property tax. If you feel one and two are a yes, then three is the instrument to do away with the community association assessments and turn over services to the new township. The checks and balances of these taxes lie in the hands of the residents. If your assessments do not drop and your property taxes go up, we must speak out immediately, through our elected representatives on the board, if not en masse. I promise you that I will be a strong voice for the residents in lowering assessments and taxes, as I have always been in the past. I promise to keep the residents informed to the best of my ability.

    Peggy Hausman

  • Sunday, October 21, 2007

    Vicki Richmond

    Director (Elected)
    Ms. Vicki Richmond
    Home: 59 N. Royal Fern, The Woodlands 77380
    Term expires: May 2010

    · Vicki Richmond has been a resident of The Woodlands for 30 years and was formerly Vice President - Administration & Accounting for The Woodlands Development Corporation
    · She currently works as a real estate and financial consultant
    · Vicki is a Certified Public Accountant and a graduate of Baylor University
    · She was first elected to the TCID Board of Directors in 1993 and has served in many capacities as a TCID Director, including Vice Chairman
    · For many years she served as Treasurer, providing financial guidance for the District in the early years of the organizations development
    · Currently, Ms. Richmond serves as Chairman of the District’s Audit Committee and as Chairman of the District’s Cultural Arts Task Force
    · She also serves on the Board of Directors for The Woodlands Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and holds the office of Treasurer
    · Ms. Richmond is an active member of the community formerly serving as a Director of the Woodlands Community Association, as a Director of the South Montgomery County/Woodlands Chamber of Commerce, and currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Woodforest Charitable Foundation

    Alex Sutton

    Biography of Alex Sutton

    Alex serves as Co-President of The Woodlands Development Company. He holds Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Civil Engineering from Rice University and a Master’s in Business Administration from The University of Houston. He is a Licensed Professional Engineer and a Certified Public Accountant. As Co-President, his responsibilities span the full range of executive functions of the company, with a primary focus on managing development and commercial activities, along with oversight of human resources functions and hospitality interests. He joined The Woodlands in 1994.

    Prior to joining The Woodlands, Alex was a shareholder with Pate Engineers, where he managed a number of complex projects for municipal and private clients, focusing on water resources, transportation and land development matters. His prior employer was Exxon Co., USA, where he held a number of positions in the financial, human resources and engineering fields, including three assignments over five years with Friendswood Development Company, Exxon’s real estate subsidiary. He has authored a number of technical papers and articles and holds two patents for computer-aided management approaches to managing public works systems.

    His civic and industry involvement includes service as a Director and Treasurer of Montgomery County Youth Services, Director and Vice-Chairman, the North Houston Association, Trustee, Montgomery County Developer’s Association, Director, The Woodlands Arts Council, Director, Town Center Improvement District, Director, The Woodlands Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, and is a Member of the Urban Land Institute.

    Alex and his wife Sharon live in The Woodlands Town Center, are members of The Woodlands United Methodist Church and have four grandchildren who reside in The Woodlands.

    Ken Smith

    Mr. Scott,

    First of all, thank you for your interest in this monumental issue. The following are my personal viewpoints and I do not speak for the Board of Directors of Town Center Improvement District.

    I became interested in the affairs that shape our community back in the mid 1980’s and was appointed to serve on the planning and zoning commission for the City of Shenandoah in 1986. I subsequently decided to run for the city council and was elected in 1988. I have been reelected to that position for 9 terms and currently serve as Mayor Pro-tem. A little over two years ago, the city council nominated me as the representative to serve on the board of directors for Town Center Improvement District. My nomination was accepted by T.C.I.D. and I began serving as a representative of Shenandoah which is in the “impact area” of the Town Center.

    Through the negotiations between Senator Williams and Mayor White came an agreement that would allow the Woodlands, upon passage of the enabling legislation, to seek self governance. Part of that legislation mandated that, if the voters approved, the T.C.I.D board would become an all elected board. Therefore, my term which ends in May of 2008 will be my final opportunity to serve in this capacity.

    If I wished to remain on the board, it would be in my interest to see this referendum defeated. I have no personal interest to further myself or the City of Shenandoah in this issue being passed by the voters.

    When the legislation was first proposed, the City of Shenandoah was concerned that the boundaries of the expansion could encroach into Shenandoah’s extraterritorial jurisdiction. We were assured by the Senator Williams and Representative Eissler that this would not happen and they even included language in the bill that specifically prohibited such an action.

    From my nearly 20 years of experience as an elected official and my knowledge of our city government, I felt it valuable to closely follow this legislation for the benefit of the citizens of my neighbors in The Woodlands. But again, I will not benefit either way.

    I must admit that the citizens of The Woodlands have a monumental task ahead. Shenandoah began as a small community and determined to incorporate after being a subdivision for just a few years. The Woodlands is a planned community that has evolved into villages and has grown to one of the largest developments in the country and will be undertaking the task of deciding on self governance from a totally different perspective.

    I voted to move forward and let the residents make the decision based on my knowledge of the facts and that it may be the last opportunity for my neighbors to avoid what happened to the residents of Kingwood which was annexed by Houston.

    It is my understanding that T.C.I.D. was the catalyst that would enable self governance. A current political subdivision that represented the residents of Town Center made good sense in moving forward to meet the objectives of The Woodlands as a whole.

    The expanded boundaries along with the implementation of a sales tax would enable The Township to finance the payment required per the agreement to the City of Houston under The Regional Partnership as well as the advantage of using any excess collection to reduce the current homeowner assessments. The unique advantage of this is that an assessment is not tax deductible whereas a sales tax is. Also note that it is expected that a majority of the sales tax would come from non residents.

    Also on the ballot is a request for the authority to introduce an ad valorem tax. This tax would also be used to offset dollar for dollar the assessments. Again, this type of tax is deductible.

    There was a public forum held on September 25th which outlined many of these items. I was in attendance and impressed that most all the questions raised by concerned residents were answered and by the conclusion it appeared that most in attendance were pleased with the results. I understand that there will be additional forums to answer the concerns of the residents.

    I believe that this is an excellent opportunity for the citizens of The Woodlands to move forward towards determining their future. I am not aware of any agendas and do not feel that anyone on the board has used their vote for any self serving purpose. The advantage of an all elected board will further enhance the transparency of the issues in that the citizens can change the board at the ballot box.

    Whether the referendum passes or not will not affect me or the City of Shenandoah. But honestly, I would much rather have The Woodlands, Texas as my neighbor than The City of Houston.

    If I can answer any additional questions, please feel free to contact me.

    Below is the bio that is on record with the Town Center Improvement District.

    Ken Smith
    Board Member
    Town Center Improvement District

    Director (Appointed by City of Shenandoah)
    Mr. Ken Smith
    Ken Smith & Associates
    Home: 527 Thornwood Drive, Shenandoah 77381
    Term expires: May 2008

    · Mr. Ken Smith has been a resident of Shenandoah for over 26 years
    · He owns Ken Smith & Associates, an insurance brokerage firm in Houston
    · He was recognized by “Who’s Who International” for his work in that industry
    · Mr. Smith was elected to the Shenandoah City Council in 1988 after serving on the Planning and Zoning Commission
    · He currently serves as Mayor Pro-Tem of the City Council
    · He represents the City of Shenandoah on the Town Center Improvement District Board of Directors

    Kemba DeGroot

    Mr. Scott, Thank you for being an active participant in the current Governance issues. Providing factual information to the residents of The Woodlands is everyone’s responsibility and I, for one, appreciate those efforts. As a long-term resident and business owner in The Woodlands, I have always maintained a committed interest in all aspects of this area’s urban growth.

    Experience and Background
    My husband and I bought a home in Autumnwood, Grogan’s Mill and moved to The Woodlands from Houston in 1988. At that time the population was 22,000 with only two restaurants and not a Mall in sight. We watched the community grow and develop and looked forward to being the FIRST family to actually buy, move into and live in the Lofts on The Waterway in Town Center. We accomplished this in December 2003. To make that experience complete, we relocated our business, Sales Training International, to the new Mall expansion. So now we truly do work and live in The Woodlands Town Center and enjoy the urban life-style more every day.

    The business we own is a training/consulting company, and we have been involved with the Town Center Improvement District since 1999 when we facilitated the Vision, Mission and Critical Success Factors, Goals and Action Plans for TCID’s visionary business plan to the year 2010. We have also facilitated similar sessions for the Woodlands Community Associations, The Woodlands Foundation, The Chamber, Interfaith and 15–20 additional non-profit organizations in the county. These sessions have enabled me to understand the challenges and opportunities that these entities face and work to support their efforts.

    In addition to a 25 year career in Cardiovascular Nursing, and currently a successful international business, I am proud of my accomplishments as a community volunteer and leader –
    · RN and book Author, Critical Care Nursing Skills
    · Chair, Better Business Bureau, Montgomery County Advisory Board
    · Co-Chair, South County chamber Healthcare Team
    · 1996 Graduate of Leadership Montgomery County
    · Past Board Director and Chair, The Friendship Center
    · Advisory Board, the Woodlands Art Festival

    Current Role as Board Director, Town Center Improvement District
    In May 2006, I was one of the first elected Directors to the TCID Board. It was the first time that residents of the Town Center were eligible to vote in a TCID election, and percentage wise, there was a greater turnout than almost any other election held in The Woodlands. My issues at that time were the following:
    1. Pedestrian Friendly Community: Everyone who visits the Town Center recognizes the need for pedestrian friendly sidewalks, pathways, and safe crosswalks to connect our wonderful attractions, visitor parking, restaurants and local community events.
    2. Continued Safety: We all appreciate a safe community, and we will need to be proactive and work together to maintain security with the growing population of residents and visitors to our area.
    3. Community Communication: It is important for us as a community to have fast and efficient communication among our neighborhoods and associations. To that end, my husband and I designed and maintain a Web site, to post updates, news, concerns and announcements for the community.

    The above issues are still my issues, and I have met with residents, business owners, and governmental entities to keep these issues and others on the front burner and moving forward. These efforts are what I give to the community and these are the benefits that I personally gain as a local resident and business owner. I will continue to work hard on these and other issues as they come up throughout my tenure on the Board which ends May 2010.

    Kemba DeGroot

    Sales Training International
    1201 Lake Woodlands Drive, Suite 4012
    The Woodlands, TX 77380
    (281) 367-5599 (800) 551-7355
    Fax (281) 465-0297

    Nelda Blair Editorial Nov 6

    By Nelda Luce Blair,
    Chairman of the Board, Town Center Improvement District

    WHAT are these three Propositions that voters in The Woodlands will be asked to consider on Tuesday, November 6, 2007?

    The Propositions stem from legislation passed in the 2007 Texas Legislative Session. Authored by State Senator Tommy Williams and State Representative Rob Eissler, the legislation had its roots in recommendations from a 5-year study by The Woodlands Governance Steering Committee. Basically, through Regional Participation Agreements with the cities of Houston and Conroe, The Woodlands will contribute a portion of its sales tax towards regional projects, and in exchange, The Woodlands is released from the possibility of annexation by these cities.

    In connection with implementing the Regional Participation Agreements, residents will be asked to vote FOR or AGAINST three Propositions:
    1. Confirm the expansion of the Town Center Improvement District (TCID) boundaries to cover all of The Woodlands;
    2. Confirm the restructuring of the TCID Board of Directors to be elected by all of The Woodlands residents;
    3. The levy of an ad valorem property tax by TCID (in place of community association assessments).

    The legislation provides that the election take place this November. If the Propositions do not pass, the opportunities expire and there is no provision for another election.

    WHO are the Town Center Improvement District, and The Woodlands Township?
    TCID is a local government created in 1993 by the Texas Legislature, whose boundaries have been expanded several times since its inception. It provides public safety and economic development to the Town Center area of The Woodlands. As an existing governmental entity, TCID was designated in the legislation to become a part of the Regional Participation Agreements, rather than create an all new government body. If the Propositions are passed by the voters, the name of TCID will change to "The Woodlands Township" to better reflect its constituents and responsibilities.

    HOW does The Woodlands proceed if the Propositions are passed, and how does The Woodlands proceed if the Propositions are not passed?
    If Passed: The TCID will change its name to The Woodlands Township, its boundaries will expand to cover all of The Woodlands, and its board of directors will become fully elected. The Woodlands Township will be able to assess an ad valorem property tax, to reduce current community association assessments on a dollar for dollar basis. The ad valorem tax will be deductible from federal income taxes, whereas the community association assessments are not. The ad valorem tax rate will be less than the current community association assessment rates. The Woodlands residents will be free from forced annexation, and will have the opportunity to choose a future form of government.
    If Not Passed: (Note: Propositions 1 and 2 are dependent on one another. If either fails to pass, they both fail, and so does Proposition #3. The TCID will not evolve into The Woodlands Township, its boundaries will not be expanded, and the board of directors will not be reorganized. The Regional Participation Agreements with the cities of Houston and Conroe will be null. Various parts of The Woodlands will remain within the extraterritorial jurisdictions of those cities, subject to annexation by them. The community associations’ assessments will not be replaced by an ad valorem property tax. WHERE do voters register, and vote? Residents of The Woodlands who are registered to vote by October 9, 2007 are eligible to vote in the election on Tuesday, November 6, 2007, and in early voting from October 22 through November 2, 2007, at voting locations designated by the Montgomery County Elections Administrator.

    WANT MORE? Details, links to the legislation and the elections office, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions can be found on the informational web site

    Nelda Blair Resume

    The Blair Law Firm, P.C.
    7 Grogan’s Park Drive, Suite 3, The Woodlands, Texas 77380
    Telephone: (281) 363-3632 ~~~ Facsimile: (281) 363-3998 ~~~

    A fifth generation Texan, Nelda was born in Houston in 1958, and raised in Montgomery County. She now shares a home and an office in The Woodlands with her husband, retired attorney Jim Blair.
    • The Blair Law Firm, P.C. - President/Owner since 1988
    • Local/state/national political campaigns, fund raising, educational awareness, charitable endeavors
    • Frequent legal commentator on CNN, FOXNews, MSNBC, Court TV and CBS News
    • Prior work experience includes:
    - Montgomery County Attorney's Office Prosecutor for Specialized Real Estate Division, and Commissioners Court/Tax Assessor legal advisor and liaison
    - Hope & Mayes, P.C. Associate Attorney for Ruben Hope (former State Representative), and K. Michael Mayes (current District Judge)
    Triple Board Certified by the State Bar of Texas,
    Board of Legal Specialization: Residential Real Estate Law; Commercial Real Estate Law; Farm and Ranch Real Estate Law
    Advanced Attorney-Mediator
    1982 - Doctorate of Jurisprudence from University of Houston’s Bates College of Law
    1980 - Bachelor of Arts from Baylor University in Waco, Texas (Pre-Law,
    Economics/Sociology minors)
    • Chairman, Board of Directors of Town Center Improvement District
    • Past Chairman, South Montgomery County/Woodlands Chamber of Commerce
    • Past Board of Directors member, Greater Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce
    • Chairman, Montgomery County Road Bond Committee “Mobility NOW” - 2005
    • Fundraising Chairman, Conroe ISD School Bond Committee “P.A.S.S.” - 2004
    • Past Board of Trustees member, Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
    • State Bar of Texas District 3B Grievance Committee Chairman for 2 terms
    • Montgomery County Bar Association Board member 2006-07
    • President and Fund Raising Director, Conroe ISD Education Foundation, Inc.
    • Co-Honorary Chair, North Harris Montgomery Community College District StarGala - 2007
    • Co-Honorary Chair, CASA Child Advocates of Montgomery County Gala - 2007
    • Master of Ceremonies, American Heart Association Montgomery County Heart Ball - 2007
    • Named a “Hometown Hero” of The Woodlands 2005
    • Recipient of Martin Luther King, Jr. “Drum Major Award” 2006
    • Named 1 of 5 “People of the Year” by People Scene newspaper 2004
    • Host Home for numerous political and charitable events


    Nelda Blair Statement

    Thank you for attending the Town Center Improvement District Public Forum. We were pleased that it answered many residents’ questions, and provided basic information to disseminate in the community.

    I will respond to your inquiry, but I first need to address a few statements in the preface of your email. For example, your statement “Since you were appointed, the normal electoral public processes were bypassed.” I would respectfully disagree that appointment is a bypass. Per the creating legislation, the TCID Board is partially elected and partially appointed, to insure that the impact area (as the legislation defines) is represented on the Board. One of the appointments is made by the elected County Commissioners Court to represent all of Precinct #3 (South County), and I was selected for that. Yes, it is an appointment, but it is also a representative capacity.

    I do appreciate and understand your interest in the qualifications of an interim governing body, and applaud you for researching those. But, I also urge everyone to look at the broader, more long-term concept of the future of one governing body for The Woodlands, with a Board that will have elections every 2 years. Yes, you should look at the related perspectives and capabilities of each current TCID Board member for the short-term, but none of these Board members is permanent. (My appointed term ends in May 2008, for example.) The true issues at the heart of the November 6 vote are the avoidance of annexation by other cities, the union into one governing body, and the right of the residents to vote on the format of that government in the future.

    The legislation provides for a merger into one governmental entity, and Senator Tommy Williams chose TCID as the proper entity. So, the role of the TCID, in conjunction with the 3 Community Associations, is to make as seamless a transition as possible, while preserving the quality of life we have as residents.

    Your specific items: 1. Experience which qualifies you to lead the board in governing the villages.
    Firstly, my education: A triple specialization in real estate laws gives me an extensive understanding of the law governing communities. I also have a minor degree and graduate training in the financial arena, enabling me to deal with the business side of government. Finally, I also earned a minor degree in “people” (Sociology), which taught me much about human nature, an invaluable resource in this type of endeavor.
    Secondly, my business experience: Over my career, I have been the legal representative to numerous homeowner associations, so I am quite knowledgeable about the inner workings, responsibilities, problems that arise and solutions to them. Having represented literally hundreds of clients, including realtors, homeowners, families and businesses, my perspective is quite broad. I have owned and operated a solo law practice business for over 20 years. Additionally, my experience as a trained Mediator always assists me in resolving issues.
    Thirdly, my practical experience and long-standing affiliations: In addition to my law practice, I have spent many years associated with dozens of other organizations, in a variety of roles. Having worked with people from all walks of life, with all sorts of objectives, in every field from small rural associations to national government, my practical experiences serve me well. My career has also taken me into the inner workings of government on many levels. I have counseled elected officials and managed campaigns for people I felt would make fine elected leaders, helped author local rules and state legislation and testified before the legislature for various causes, and was even a candidate for office myself over a decade ago. As a result, I have an inherent understanding of the workings of governance on many levels, and have long-standing relationships with elected leadership throughout the State and Nation, both valuable resources for a local leader.
    2. What you expect to gain personally from assuming this new role. Please understand that neither I nor TCID sought to assume this new role. As an existing governmental entity, TCID was the logical conduit for the unified governance of The Woodlands. But, if the 3 propositions are voted in on November 6, my personal responsibilities will grow exponentially. As for personal gain, Mr. Scott, I know this may sound trite, but I was raised in Montgomery County, and I love my home. I want to see it grow and prosper and develop in harmony. It is my hope to be an effective contributor to that exciting future.
    3. What you expect to give to the community. A sense of unity. Leadership. Knowledge and experience. Encouragement (former cheerleader J).
    4. Any issues you believe you should divulge to the public that may impair or help the community to make a sound decision, given the timeframe of your projected tenure in this position.
    The timeframe of my particular projected tenure is 6 months. If I am elected to another position on The Woodlands Township Board at that time, I will be subject to another 2 or 3 year term. I think the issues are all out on the table. It is simply a matter of whether to move forward in this time of opportunity, or stay where we are and be subject to annexation by Houston and Conroe all too soon. If the Propositions pass, The Woodlands Township Board will change in composition over the next couple of years, and the residents will be fully in charge of that by election. But, the one thing that will not change is that the residents of The Woodlands will have grabbed their brass ring, and will have ensured their ability to choose for themselves how they are governed.
    I have attached a very brief resume’, which gives some biographical information, and a few details of some of my involvements as referenced above. I have also attached an editorial entitled “THE BASICS FROM THE CHAIRMAN: WHAT? WHO? HOW? WHERE?”, which gives a very fundamental outline of election information for residents.

    Lloyd Matthews Bio 2

    Lloyd Matthews – October 2007

    LLOYD MATTHEWS is the first Class A Director in The Woodlands Association (TWA) representing the Village of Indian Springs. He has served as Secretary and Treasurer and is currently Vice President. Lloyd holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering as well as an MBA from the University of Delaware and has worked in Engineering and Manufacturing management for 35 years. Upon his retirement from Amoco in 1998, he and his wife, Peg, chose The Woodlands for opportunities in community involvement and golf plus proximity to family. Lloyd’s activities since retirement have included serving as Area Representative - Indian Springs Village Association; Financial & Fund Raising Vice President on South County Fourth of July Committee; Marshal – various golf; Representative - Lake Woodlands Property Owner’s Association; Vice Chairman of Town Center Improvement District; Director - Town Center Economic Development Zones No. 1, 2, 3 & 4; Member - South Montgomery County Woodlands Chamber of Commerce; Graduate – Leadership Montgomery County; Director - The Woodlands Golf Association and Volunteer Chairman for the Samsung World Championship LPGA golf tournament; Co-chair of Taste Of The Village; Director – Municipal Utility District # 60 and Secretary of The Woodlands Convention & Visitors Bureau.

    Lloyd Matthews Bio 1

    The Woodlands Association

    The Woodlands Association, Inc. is the community association for residents and property owners in the villages of Alden Bridge, Sterling Ridge, Carlton Woods, Indian Springs (west of Falconwing Drive) and the neighborhoods of Harper’s Landing and Grogan’s Forest in the Village of College Park. The Covenants allow for the Board to be made up of a combination of community-elected individuals and individuals appointed by The Woodlands Development Company. Here are the Board Members of The Woodlands Association.

    Lloyd Matthews

    + Position: Vice President, Class A Director: Elected, Indian Springs
    + Year Elected: 2000
    + Community Service: Mr. Matthews has served as secretary and treasurer and is currently vice president of The Woodlands Association. Other activities with The Woodlands Association include Governance Steering, Joint Legislation Action, Law Enforcement, Election and Budget Committees, plus serving as Indian Springs resident advocate. His other activities since retirement have included serving with Indian Springs Village Association, Town Center Improvement District, Municipal Utility District # 60, South County Fourth of July Committee, various golf tournaments, Chamber of Commerce Mobility & Legislative Committees, Education for Tomorrow Alliance SCI/TECH Fair, Destination ImagiNation, Leadership Montgomery County and First Night. He takes great pride in his efforts to provide community information to the residents.
    + Career: Mr. Matthews holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering as well as a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Delaware. He worked in engineering and manufacturing management for 35 years prior to retirement from Amoco.
    + Family: Mr. Matthews has been married to Peg for 46 wonderful years. Upon retirement in 1998 they chose to move to The Woodlands for proximity to family plus opportunities in community involvement and golf. They have two children and three grandchildren in the Houston area.

    Lloyd Matthews Response

    Attached as requested is my bio. As supplemental information upon retirement I moved to The Woodlands in August 1998 and attended my first Village Association meeting during September. After being active with the Indian Springs Village Association, Don Braun suggested that I consider running as the Indian Springs Director to The Woodlands Association. The residents elected me as their first representative to that Board in February 2000 and I continue to serve (Secretary, Treasurer or Vice President since 2000). During my election campaign against three other candidates, I listed my objectives as director. All of those objectives have been accomplished except protecting The Woodlands from Houston annexation. This last objective was changed to allow the residents to decide what they wanted on local governance. The election on November 6 allows residents to decide on the future of governance for The Woodlands.

    As a response to the urging of others and me, the Community Association of The Woodlands began reviewing local governance options during 2001. I have been on every governance committee since then. My input has helped guide this process. On May 10, 2002 I received a continuing education certificate on Cooperative Governance in Metropolitan Areas from the University of Houston.

    In May 2002 The Woodlands Association Board appointed me to serve as their representative of the Town Center Improvement District Board where I currently serve as Vice Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Special Project Committee. Due to my position on both of these boards, I have agreed not to take a position supporting nor opposing the three propositions in the November election. Directors of both boards are supposed to provide factual information to residents without being an advocate so that they may make their own informed decision on the election. As a part of following this route I am on “The Woodlands Decide” committee which has been authorized by The Community Association of The Woodlands and Town Center Improvement District (TCID) to educate the public on this issue. Additionally, I am one of their speakers available to any group that wants information to make a decision and will make a presentation to the Indian Springs Village Association on Tuesday, October 9. “The Woodlands Decides” committee website at www.THEWOODLANDSDECIDES.COM has educational information available including a video. This video presents the facts concerning this issue which will be consistent with how I respond to questions. Public forums are also planned for October 11 at 7:00 PM and October 13 at 9:00 AM. Additionally, the TCID website at has a presentation of the financial implications of these three propositions.