Friday, October 7, 2011

Dan Norris runs for Constable, Montgomery County Precinct 3

Lt Dan Norris

A seasoned law enforcement officer of the Montgomery County Sherriff's office, Lt. Dan Norris, is an empty nester, living with his wife, Brandy, in Oak Ridge, just east of The Woodlands. He is currently running for the position of Constable, Precinct 3 of Montgomery County. Reporting to the Justice of the Peace in this position, he would lead a staff of 25 officers and administrative staff to perform the constitutional duties of serving legal papers for the court and fulfilling contracts of neighborhoods. The boundaries of precinct 3 is shown in this map.

His views of the future of the Constable's office is outlined in the video. His background includes a variety of training during his career, as well as a variety of deputy, detective and administrative assignments. This is an important position for The Woodlands, which falls under the jurisdiction of precinct three. The election primary is coming up this Spring, and the final election next November. Lt Dan is at many functions in South county these days, where he meets many residents from all walks of life. His view of the office's duties clearly includes significant interaction with the community.

His background has included being part of an exchange officer program, to learn policing in other cultures and experience cultural difference in the approach to policing. He also hosts foreign officers, his next hosting assignment is with the Vietnam delegation. He has been to Poland and Mexico to see their operations and learn from them. In Mexico, he picked some Spanish. He has an appreciation for those who are living here, but cannot yet take part in the election process.

Lt Dan Norris has been heavily involved as a leader with the county's emergency response team in west county's recent wildfire. He was a commander of the team.

I am sure you will appreciate what he says about himself, his campaign and what he offers to the community in this 12-minute video, a product of the WoodlandsPhotoStudio and the

+ Dan Norris 2012 Campaign website
+ Constable website, Montgomery County Pct 3

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Michelle said...

That's pretty cool that he's learned from other cultures. With the diverse Woodlands community, this could be something we need.