Sunday, November 9, 2008

Devereaux Macy - IndianSprings Resident

Devereaux Macy joined the "it is time for change" movement before it even actually happened. One might say she found what the public wanted before Obama's presidential campaign defined change. She is our resident author who set out in July 2007 and after two months, entering 48 states, and 13000 miles of road, she brought back raw video to show the world. By January, 2008, she had the material on a DVD and was sending it out to others. Her purpose was to show that the American public does indeed hold a different opinion than key government officials. So she sent the video DVD to the president of the United States, 50 governors, top presidential candidates, and every member of the United States Congress, hoping that her point would be understood. She got little response, but a few acknowledgments were received. Then she set out for others to tell her story. This is where I came into the picture.

Devereaux had never even held a video camera before she set out on this journey. She rapidly became accustomed to taping, as she asked her pointed questions to those who would spend a minute with her on the streets of many different cities. Those questions, directed at a widely diverse audience, sought opinions about the environment, education, economy, Iraq war, and health care. This was a time she considered to be important because of the coming elections, but beyond that, she was "homeless and free" as well. That is, she was not tied down at the time and could "afford" to set out on such a impromptu journey to fulfill her dream. So she did.

She wants to influence the return of a government respecting the opinions of the American people. The resultant video has become known as "America Speaks". She stated "Because the people we have elected and are paying to represent us, are not and have not been listening to the American people for a very long time. It is time we changed that." She believes the American people are being short-changed and deserve to get what our forefathers intended, a government of the people, and for the people. You can read more of this work by the link provided below - "Let America Speak".

Just before the election, Fox News decided her work would be useful for the election and published it, using state-of-the art video editing and publishing techniques. They limited the audience to Texas even though the content had national scope. This work by Fox News is available online by watching this video.

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Now that the election is past, we know that nationally, voters have chosen change, just as she said they were asking for in her travels.

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