Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tommy Williams- Woodlands resident in the news

Many of us know Tommy Williams. We have either met him at some political event or Woodlands event. If we don't know him, we at least see the sign advertising the location of his official local office here. As a resident of The Woodlands, he has made a tremendous impact on our community by pushing the deal with the City of Houston to not be annexed. He also led the way towards legislation in his Senate role so that we could legally establish an alternate government that would enable us to legally sever the jurisdiction that Houston had on our community. He will be helping us this session with needed legislation that has been discussed and acted on by the Township's Governance and Nominations Committee. Those legislative priorities will be debated and voted on in this month's regularly scheduled Township meeting. Like usual, time runs out quickly our bi-annual state legislature. There are just a few months to get bills passed. So we will call on him again for help. His influence in the Senate is important to getting this done.

Tommy Williams is in the news this week. His long tenure in Austin has made him more powerful and influential each year. A commentary in today's Austin Statesman presents him in this role and I recommend its reading. Click here to read the article.

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