Friday, April 18, 2008

Jeff Long Biography

The Woodlands Leadership
Jeff has served as the President for The Woodlands Community Association for the last two years, and was elected by fellow directors for a third year. He worked on the Board of Directors of the WCA for the last four years, and was re-elected for an additional two years.

Jeff served as Chairman of the DSC and as a Board member for approximately 3 years. Prior to that, he served as a member of the RDRC for Grogan's Mill.

He has participated groups such as The Friendship Center (Board Member) and the Montgomery County Tin Transportation Task Force, that has advocated for the public transportation needs for all of Montgomery County.

Jeff has been involved in other activities such as National Night Out, First Night, his local church, and Special Needs Ministries for the handicapped.

He worked as a Public Works Director in a large community in California, until he and his family moved here over six years ago.

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